Add-on features

Optimize your SmartDX outcomes with performance-enhancing options.

Smart form generator without the hassles

Create forms to match your exact marketing needs—quickly and intuitively without IT intervention.

SmartDX automatically pre-populates forms with already-gathered information to enrich customer profiles and trigger precise targeting and retargeting. Audience members complete only the form fields for which they have not yet provided details.

All-in-one template builder for maximized impact

Create and manage content for webpages and web and mobile notifications with this all-purpose tool. Craft new content templates or reuse those with proven success.

Drag-and-drop content creation

Build creatives from scratch with this intuitive content creation option. Incorporate responsive design for a variety of channels, all without IT assistance.

Centralized template management

Store all your creatives in a single library. Track every change with a detailed user log. Access pre-existing templates for different channels.

Integration with asset management systems

Connect to your DAM, PIM, and CMS solutions to import existing assets for creation or storage in the library.

The power of personalization reimagined

Personalize like never before with dynamic content, individualized landing pages, next-best content and offer recommendations, and more without IT intervention.

Dynamic content

Query and embed customer attributes into campaign content to heighten the personal impact. Connect to live RSS feeds to continuously update content in real time up to the point of delivery.

Landing page personalization

Customize landing page banners, content, CTAs, and more from the template to ensure contextual relevance and deep engagement.

Next-best offer and content

Optimize offers and content for every individual audience member based on historic and ongoing to current.

Omnichannel creative preview

Ensure that every part of your asset is perfect before publication with creative previews for every content type, device, and channel.

Deeper engagement with rich push notifications

Add greater dimension to your contextual communications. Expand notification content beyond text to include rich media and carousel notifications.