Live web and mobile audience dashboards

Boost campaign performance on the go based on audience behavior, results, and more. See key performance metrics across your webpages and mobile apps at any moment.


Stay in the know about web traffic

Dig much deeper than visitor volume

Have everything you need to know at your fingertips all the time: Total, currently active, and daily/weekly/monthly active web visitors. Changes in traffic by source—direct traffic, referral links, social media, and organic search—over time. Key metrics like total session number, evolving frequency of page views, average time spent, average sessions spent, or screens seen, bounce rate, and much more.

Know your web audience intimately

Determine when, how, and where your visitors interact with your webpages. Pinpoint their exact devices, browsers, languages, operating systems, app versions, and operating systems. Uncover audience breakdowns into unknown, identified, and known. Explore their interests and peak active times.

Pinpoint what’s working best

Know the most popular conversion events, pages, and campaigns among your audiences to fuel even better future results.

Map detailed browsing behavior

Use your SmartDX dashboard to get a clear, detailed view of how audience journeys move from different brands to categories to specific products or services.

Explore every visitor path taken

Your SmartDX dashboard maps out the diverse paths web audience members have taken across your pages. Effortlessly identify the most travelled sequences of pages and pinpoint precisely where visitors tend to drop off.


Stay current on mobile app experiences

See all key metrics at a glance

Get real-time updates on metrics like average time spent, daily user number, key traffic sources, and more.

Study app traffic across multiple dimensions

Identify when, with which device/system, and where your users engage with the app. Know how app traffic and ROI trend fluctuate over time.

Zero in on the best performers

Discover the top screens and most performed actions. See details of what offers and campaigns have delivered the best results. Apply these insights to prioritize marketing efforts, boost engagement, and speed conversion.

Unlock audience profile insights

Get the detailed breakdown on known and identified users. Understand and use the new user attributes you’re capturing to design campaigns to further augment customer profiles.