One-line SDK

Make every step of every audience member’s journey a deeply personalized experience that yields valuable insights for continuous engagement.

What is it?

The one-line SDK is a proprietary short code for following and understanding each individual customer’s journey and behavior. Easily embedded in webpages and mobile apps, it facilitates the deployment of diverse notifications, forms, chatbots, as well as next-best content and offer recommendations.

Edge-enabled for
next-level CX

Powered by next-gen edge and serverless technology, the one-line SDK accommodates digital communications at unprecedented scale and speed.

Supported by a WebAssembly framework (Wasm), the foundational technology minimizes the delay between an individual’s interaction with your digital property and the instant you deliver a relevant, contextual response.

Under ideal circumstances, it can deliver a 2000-time boost in speed that makes those frustrating lags in customer journeys a thing of the past.

What can it do for you?
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Far shorter than conventional pixels, easy to install, and requiring no maintenance, the one-line SDK has a much smaller digital footprint. It retrieves all relevant information from edge servers to execute a wide range of activities—behavioral triggers, personalization, next-best offers, identity resolution, and more.

Keep your audience in view

The moment a visitor lands on your digital property, the one-line SDK immediately tracks their actions to gather profile insights and enables you to map out their browsing journey.

No more cookies?
No problem

As using cookies becomes less feasible, the one-line SDK, with its device fingerprinting and identification algorithms, offers an ideal alternative solution for audience engagement and attribution.

Enable relevant chatbot interactions

Embed your chatbot code into the one-line SDK, and it can map out conversations on the channel for analysis and engagement.

Integrate your forms to capture data seamlessly

Connect the one-line SDK to your own brand forms to eliminate manual efforts required for continuous audience intelligence gathering.

Notifications at exactly the right moment

Build, import, and manage web and mobile notifications using SmartDX’s drag-and-drop builder. Push relevant notifications to your customer at the ideal instant with contextual targeting enabled by the one-line SDK installed at touchpoints.



Preview notifications across browser types and mobile operating systems.


Codeless content injection

Create app screens, web banners, and content with the intuitive drag-and-drop template builder. The SDK then injects them directly into your mobile app and webpages—bypassing coders entirely.


Location and behavior-based targeting

Customize notifications based on each audience member’s location and web/app browsing behavior.


In-app notifications and in-page overlays

Capture the individual’s attention with relevant notifications that lead them to deeper interactions and conversion across web and app properties.


A/B testing

Test multiple variations of your notifications and send the version most likely to get the results you want.


Mobile and web app inbox messages

Send campaign messages directly to customers’ app and web inboxes so they can discover offers, announcements, and promotions at their own pace. Easily configure inbox categories to fit your marketing needs.


Push amplification

Boost deliverability by automatically redirecting undelivered notifications to the app inbox of customers who have switched on “Do Not Disturb”.


Social media pixel retargeting

Integrate social media pixels with the one-line SDK to activate retargeting based on data from different platforms.


Interactivity options

Add CTAs, surveys, and ratings easily to your notifications to deepen engagement.


Carousel notifications

Combine up to four different overlays in a single notification. Instead of deluging your audience, deliver multiple promotions in one message with scrollable carousels.


Secure messaging

Ensure end-to-end encryption of communications across all your notifications and in-page overlays to eliminate the threat of scams, privacy leaks, and malicious information.

Notifications at exactly the right moment

The one-line SDK captures and reveals multiple insights and valuable metrics on device fingerprints, audience demographics, top performing pages/screens, customer journeys, single/multi-touch attribution, and much more.

See it in action

Josie opens the Vision Travel webpage to explore the latest short-distance vacation options.


The one-line SDK matches Josie’s data against the database and recognizes her as a returning customer who has yet to book a trip with Vision or sign up for its subscription program.


When the page has finished loading, Josie finds herself on a page with vacation options and other offers curated based on her previous visits.


She finds herself intrigued by one of the offers but does not make an immediate booking.


Before she exits the page, Josie receives a request for her consent to future notifications from Vision Travel. She agrees.