One-line SDK analytics

Stay on top of all the essential metrics and audience actions on your digital properties—all the time.

Stay up to the minute with real-time dashboards

Live dashboards show you the who, when, where, how, and how of audience interactions on your webpages and mobile apps. Unlock diverse user behavior and profile metrics. Dissect what’s working and what’s not in your web and mobile app experiences.

Dig beneath traffic volume for behavioral intelligence

Dissect the flow of visitor traffic and browsing behavior across your digital touch points. Uncover intelligence on how audience members branch off from different brands or topics to product categories and all the way down to individual items or offers.

Map out prospect and customer pathways

Analyze how different audience members navigate your webpages. Get a clear view of their diverse paths and the most trafficked page sequences and drop-off points.

Measure conversion and ROI along multiple dimensions

Easily identify the events, pages, and screens with the most conversions. Gain detailed attribution insights and evaluate ROI contributions by campaign, channel, individual audience member, and location.