One smart solution.
Multiple possibilities

Audience identity resolution

Uncover the identity of every visitor

Every digital visitor, unrecognized or misidentified, is a missed opportunity for conversion. With the SmartDX, this will no longer be a worry.

Our identification engine checks every visitor’s attributes against the database to find potential matches and creates a temporary profile for first-time visitors. It does all of this in real time, so you know exactly who you are engaging with at any given moment.

User journey tracking

Map out evolving customer journeys

The digitally savvy customer can be elusive, hopping from channel to channel without following some pre-existing pattern. The SmartDX helps you keep up. It not only tracks their individual behavior across channels but identifies the sources from which they have arrived at your digital property.

Progressive profiling

Make the 360° view a reality

Every visit to your digital touchpoint is a chance to learn more about the (potential) customer. The SmartDX dynamically alters the forms, so the user only needs to fill in information that hasn’t been captured. It continuously unearths new profile insights from each interaction to deliver the coveted 360° customer view.

Next-best experience management

Tailor your interactions to their inclinations

SmartDX analyzes the customer’s behavior to derive individual channel, time, offer, content, and product propensities. Without missing a beat, it automatically optimizes individual interactions for maximum ROI impact.

Conversion tracking

Pinpoint every conversion with precision

From the first click to sign-up to purchase, the SmartDX generates in-depth attribution insights at the campaign, channel, and individual audience levels. Now you can know where to invest your marketing spends for greater returns.

Advanced retargeting

Bringing them back to the journey

SmartDX enables dynamic retargeting to get the customers back on the journey with timely reminders, enticing offers, and tailored content, all optimized based on the individual’s preferences for deeper engagement and eventual conversion.

Contextual intervention

Contextualize interactions for every moment

Respond to audience behavioral triggers and events in real time, or at just the right moment, with communications that will maximize the impact of the interaction, every time.