Contextualizing engagement with first-time visitors

Differentiate known from unknown audience members to facilitate personalized interactions for greater engagement and conversion.


Robert visits the Vision Bank website for the first time.

SDK identifies and classifies the individuals as either a first-time or repeat visitor who is unknown or identified.

Robert is a first-time visitor without any browsing history and he is looking for credit card options.

SDK gathers user data such as device fingerprint, device type, and IP location and then assigns a new profile ID with enriched browsing insights.

Contextualizing engagement with repeat visitors

Engage your repeat visitors with contextual interactions based on the last visit.

Marcus, a returning visitor, clicks the Smart Link in the brand’s social ad and lands on their website.

Smart link identifies the engagement source.

Marcus is a repeat visitor who showed interest in NewMiles Card during his previous visits.

Based on his derived past product interest, Smart DX delivers Marcus a contextual notification to promote the NewMiles card.